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About Steve Perline, LCSW-R

Though I have worked and continue to work extensively and successfully with clients ranging in age from 7 years old through 80 years old who face a variety of challenges, my current specialty areas are working with children, teens, family issues, parenting skills and couple's counseling.

I have received accolades and thanks for my ability to be a positive male role model, while expertly reaching even the most difficult to reach child, adolescent or young adult. Parents have benefited from my straightforward and understanding approach to helping them with parenting skills.

Couples often remark on my ability to remain impartial while mediating and assisting with the development of healthy communication and relationship skills.

Most of all, my clients appreciate my ability to help them feel relaxed in what, for some, can seem like a confusing and scary journey.

And, putting my broad cultural background to good use, if you speak French or Spanish, I can help you, too. I am fluent in French and proficient in Spanish and am able to conduct sessions in your language of comfort.

Office Hours:

By appointment only

Contact Steve Perline, LCSW-R at 631-455-4067

for a free phone consultation and further information