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About Sandey Meyerson Perline, LCSW-R

Having helped those with mental health, substance use and other addictions, co-occurring (mental health and addiction issues at the same time), relationship , co-dependency, behavioral, parenting, and many other issues, I know each person, couple or family has individual needs. Whether working with individuals ranging from 5 years old to late 70's, new or longer-term couples, families or groups, I take an interactive and eclectic approach to helping clients succeed. 

Due to my ability to work with a variety of mental health and addiction challenges, my ability to work with clients of many ages, my skill at working with families, and my success at reaching difficult to reach or resistant young people, I was asked to create and successfully maintained an adolescent program within the Co-Occurring Disorders program at a widely recognized mental health clinic. In my work, I was able to help individuals, families, couples and groups successfully overcome issues related to mental health and addiction in combination or as separate stand alone issues.

Whatever the reason you are seeking assistance, in our work together, you will receive an ear, a shoulder, compassion, empathy, suggested solutions, skills, education and feedback. And no matter your past, present or future challenges and difficulties, you will always receive honesty and respect.

In addition to my years of experience working with individuals, couples and families, I also have extensive experience working in group therapy. Please see our section on Group Therapy for active and currently forming groups.

Together, we build on your strengths, design treatment to your individual needs and develop skills to prepare you to overcome challenges you are facing and those you may face in future. I look forward to helping you conquer challenges, develop skills and live the happy, fulfilling and enriching life you deserve.

Office Hours:

By appointment only

Contact Sandey Meyerson Perline, LCSW-R at 631-220-5523

for a free phone consultation and further information