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Mental Health Therapy

We like to remind our clients that mental health challenges are nothing to be ashamed of. The only thing to regret, as we see it, is not asking for help in conquering those challenges and living a life that includes sadness, anger, frustration, guilt, shame, unresolved grief, hyperactivity, negative thinking, negative self-esteem, co-dependency, negative feelings, negative behaviors, and other challenges. So often, these feelings can lead us to feel "stuck" in our lives, "in a rut," and unable to move forward towards the goals we are trying to achieve.

In fact, we believe it takes a lot of strength to admit when you need help and admire our clients for taking the steps they take to get the help to improve their lives.

Through education, skills development, teamwork, and compassion, we will help you and/or your loved ones to recognize the mental health challenges that are holding you back from leading the kind of happy, healthy and positive life you deserve.

Each plan of action and method of treatment is designed specifically to each client's needs. No cookie cutter "if you don't fit into our treatment style, you can't be helped" stuff here!

We offer various modalities, including individual psychotherapy, group therapy, couples counseling, family therapy, and/or parenting skills to assist you in your mental health recovery. We can discuss your specific needs and which single or combination of modalities is best to help you in your journey.

Office Hours:

By appointment only

Contact Sandey Meyerson Perline, LCSW-R at 631-220-5523

for a free phone consultation and further information

Contact Steve Perline, LCSW-R at 631-455-4067

for a free phone consultation and further information