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Group Therapy

The help and support of a professional psychotherapist is a wonderful thing. That is, no doubt, the reason you are here reading about us right now. Sometimes, though, we get a lot out of help and support from those who are facing the same challenges as we are. Group therapy can be useful as a stand-alone modality or as a complementary service to individual psychotherapy.

One of the main differences between a group psychotherapy session and an individual psychotherapy session is the therapist in a group therapy session is a facilitator. We are available to start topics, encourage communication between group members, provide professional insight and/or education where appropriate, and ensure everyone is feeling safe and supported. The focus in a group psychotherapy setting is one of group support and advice. You and the other members of the group lead the group in the direction you need and want it to go.

Groups can also be used as socialization tools that enable us to practice communication, socialization skills, and other aspects of relating to others that, in our outside lives, seem daunting or threatening.

Right now, these are the groups we offer but we are always open to creating new groups and offering you whatever you need to reach your goals of a happy, healthy and positive life. So, if there is a group you would like to be a part of and we do not currently offer that group, let us know.

Adolescent Group

Currently forming.

Time/date will accommodate the majority of those interesting in participating.

We will address challenges specific to participants. Topics may include - depending upon group need and interest - peer/social pressures, bullying, pressure to use substances/stopping substance use/substance use education, socialization, anxiety, efforts towards independence, academic pressures, familial conflicts, sibling rivalry, anger and stress management and other topics as they are relevant to the group.

We will have group discussions, participate in activities and use various other modalities and methods to develop skills and handle the challenges specifically faced by adolescents.

Possible parental group as well.

Co-Dependency Group - Adults

Currently forming.

Time/date will accommodate the majority of those interesting in participating.

Many co-dependent people say they're "helpers" and "care a lot about others." They take care of everyone else before themselves, often finding their needs unfulfilled and themselves feeling angry.

It is difficult to understand the difference between being "a helper" and being co-dependent.

Utilizing discussions, education, support, and activities, this group will help you understand the difference and make changes. You WON'T become someone who doesn't help or care about others. You WILL be working towards happier healthier relationships and a happier healthier you.

Office Hours:

By appointment only

Contact Sandey Meyerson Perline, LCSW-R at 631-220-5523

for a free phone consultation and further information