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Family Therapy

Family relationships can be complicated. Sometimes the members of your family can be your biggest support and sometimes the members of your family can feel like your worst enemies. In some families the same people who fit the first definition can, on another day, fit the second. Dynamics between people are always tricky.

We often find improving communication skills, bridging generation gaps, and facilitating respect for each family member, despite each's faults and quirks, can help members of the family better appreciate and understand one another.

Sometimes, the problem is bigger than that. Sometimes, one family member (or more) has created difficulties out of the larger family's control. Maybe a family member has a mental illness. Maybe a family member has turned to substance use. Maybe someone in the family has died, leaving a large gap in the remaining family members' ability to figure out what their roles, responsibilities and relationships should be. Maybe someone has entered the family, changing the dynamics of relationships and even the way in which the family functions as a whole.

Whatever your reason for seeking family therapy, we are honored you are considering asking us to help you and your family learn a happier, healthier and more positive way of living.

Taking sides is not our job. Our job is provide a safe environment in which each family member can learn to better communicate with one another, express thoughts and feelings, and find resolution to the challenges faced.

Through talk therapy, skills development, education, and other treatment tools, we will work with you to help facilitate a healthy, positive and happy resolution to your issues. 

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