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A Note From Sandey and Steve

Relationships can be difficult. Sometimes, by the time you recognize you need counseling, your relationship is in dire need of outside assistance. Sometimes you recognize the warning signs before you get to that point. In either case, we are here to help. We both have extensive experience working with couples who are in a difficult state of their relationship and have successfully helped couples find their way to a happier, healthier and more positive way of living.

Some of the biggest challenges we find our couples share are problems in communication, problems understanding one another, and one or both partners feeling a lack of love or respect for the other. We will work with you - as a couple and individually (if appropriate) to assist you in improving communication, understanding and an ability to either recapture the love you once felt for one another or an ability to safely and compassionately allow each other the opportunity to move forward in your life without the other.

Taking sides is not the goal of a couple's therapist. Our goal is to provide a safe environment in which we can help to identify and correct harmful thinking and behavioral patterns and help facilitate compassion and understanding between the two of you while helping you work towards a healthy and positive resolution to your issues.

We can discuss your specific needs and which single or combination of modalities is best to help you in your journey towards the healthier, happier, and positive life you deserve.

Please note, we believe there are many different types of couples - romantic and non-romantic, heterosexual and homosexual, of one race and religion or mixed race or religion. We are here to help with couple's counseling - no matter how you define your couple relationship.

Office Hours:

By appointment only

Contact Sandey Meyerson Perline, LCSW-R at 631-220-5523

for a free phone consultation and further information

Contact Steve Perline, LCSW-R at 631-455-4067

for a free phone consultation and further information