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Addiction Treatment

Guilt and shame are such a big piece of addiction. People tell us we're purposely making negative choices in our lives. People tell us to "just cut the garbage and stop..." People tell us to stop shopping/watching television/sitting on the computer all day/eating the wrong foods/being lazy/making bad relationship choices/etc.

As anyone with addiction knows, sometimes it just is not that easy!

Admitting addiction is a hard thing to do but it is incredibly liberating at the same time. Truly wanting and asking for help is not just the first step, it's one of the biggest steps! We encourage you to feel proud of yourself for wanting to take that step or for trying to help a loved one to take that step.

Through education, skills development, teamwork, understanding, helping to see the contributing factors that led to addiction, helping to create a vision of what life can look like after addiction, motivational assistance, and creating a relapse prevention plan, we will help you to conquer the addictive challenges that are holding you back from leading the kind of happy, healthy and positive life you deserve.

We can also work with families, friends, and other loved ones to help develop an understanding of what the person struggling with addiction is going through, how he/she became addicted, and how to best support him/her. At the same time, we can help the loved ones of those with addiction challenges in their quest to live healthy, happy and positive lives of their own.

There are also times when a family, group of friends, co-workers, etc. need to confront someone in denial about his or her addiction. We can work with you to help a loved one understand the difficulties addiction is causing and the damage addiction is doing to relationships.

We offer various modalities, including individual psychotherapy, group therapy, couples counseling, family therapy, and/or parenting skills to assist you with the challenges addiction is bringing into your life. We do not believe in "cookie cutter therapy." We believe each client is an individual with individual needs. As we work together, we can discuss your specific needs and which single or combination of modalities is best to help you in your journey.

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